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Active, high-conviction investors

Our goal is to deliver to our clients long-term performance driven by stable, high-quality underlying earnings growth, paid for at sensible prices. To achieve this, we seek to invest in companies with market leading positions and powerful franchises. Our investment team has consistently followed this approach for more than 30 years.

In making our investment decisions, we undertake deep, company-by-company research that enables us to bring a clarity of understanding to the long-term market opportunity, susceptibility to competition, management strength and exposure to ESG risk. This is vital to maintain conviction through the bumps and bad headlines over time. Our return goal is built on providing absolute returns that beat the benchmark while exposing our investors to less risk through the economic cycle.

We actively manage our portfolios and are benchmark-agnostic.

As a fiduciary, we put our investors' interests above our own, making every effort to be a partner who understands our clients' needs and objectives.

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Quality Growth Businesses

Seek to identify highly-profitable companies with consistent earnings growth, stable franchises and solid fundamentals. Global growth companies that perform well during economic expansions and tend to be resilient in difficult market environments.


ESG Integrated

Sustainability is a core strength required by long-term investors. Management choices towards the company’s stakeholders and the environment can have significant impact on a business. We engage managements on ESG issues.


Independent View

As bottom-up investors, a benchmark does not influence where we invest – but we are cognizant of how our portfolios compare to the broader universe.


Long-term Focus

Aim to compound earnings at a higher rate than the market over a full market cycle, with lower volatility.


Sensible Price

A conservative measure of value, with a margin of safety built into the earnings forecast.


Downside Protection

We strive to position our portfolios to participate in rising markets, but also protect capital in difficult market conditions. We believe that minimizing losses during market downturns has been the key to compounding client returns.

Our people

Our research team is skilled and experienced. Passionate about bottom-up, fundamental research, our team thinks and invests like business owners. This means they naturally deviate from consensus views and benchmark weights.

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Our long team tenure is particularly valuable given our approach – we build concentrated portfolios with low turnover from year to year. Having worked together, on average, for more than a decade, our team develops a deep understanding of the businesses they cover over time. And our investigative analysts dig deeper to help quantify risk and encourage debate.

Our Management Team

Our management team, together with the Board of Directors, develops the company's business strategy.

Our Portfolio Managers

First and foremost, our portfolio managers conduct bottom-up, intensive stock research. They collaborate with research analysts and traders on valuations and sizing of positions. Ultimately, portfolio managers make all final decisions regarding purchases and sales.

Our Client Portfolio Managers

Experts on both the markets and Vontobel's strategies, Client Portfolio Managers (CPMs) serve as the client's window to portfolio managers and research analysts. They are responsible for communicating the firm’s philosophy, process, performance, portfolio positioning and risk management.

Our Research Analysts

Research analysts generate the best investment ideas in their individual sectors across the globe, by analyzing, among other metrics, a company's past performance, underlying business model, accounting issues, management track record, and ability to sustain earnings growth.

Our Traders

Our dedicated trading desk spends 100% of their time handling the execution and implementation of our portfolio managers' buy/sell decisions. The trading desk is located in New York City, and runs 24 hours a day to encompass all global markets and address all trading requirements in real time.

Our philosophy

We believe that the earnings growth of an underlying business will ultimately be reflected in its stock price. Since genuine high quality businesses are scarce, our research team focuses on identifying those names that we believe can sustain superior earnings growth longer and are underappreciated by the markets. We believe that we can take advantage of this long-tail growth effect and add value for our clients by carefully constructing a portfolio of these types of businesses.

This belief system drives our bottom-up approach. Without the constraint of a benchmark, we start with a universe of investable names that meet our quality criteria. After rigorous research, we then consider the quality companies that, in our opinion, trade at attractive valuations for inclusion into our portfolios. This is a select group of companies, and, as a result, our portfolios are quite concentrated. By adhering to this investment approach, we seek to protect our clients’ assets in declining markets, while growing their assets in rising markets, thus driving superior long-term risk-adjusted returns.

Our process

Our portfolios are built from the bottom-up, company by company. We consistently apply the same disciplined approach across all strategies.


“At Vontobel, our primary focus has always been on absolute risk. Our risk management approach is embedded in our investment process and is based on a common sense view that risk primarily lies in the underlying businesses in which we invest. We further control risk by meaningfully diversifying the earnings streams of our holdings.”

Igor Krutov, Director of Research


Our Heritage

1984Founding of Vontobel (USA) Inc. in New York1990U.S. Equity Strategy and International Equity Strategy inceptionLaunch of U.S. Equity SEC-registered mutual fundLaunch of International Equity SEC-registered mutual fund1992Emerging Markets Equity Strategy inceptionLaunch of Emerging Markets Equity SEC-registered mutual fund1994Global Equity Strategy inception1995Reached $1 billion in assets under management1999International Equity Strategy reaches $1 billion2000Far East Equity Strategy inception2001European Equity Strategy inception2002Vontobel USA Inc. renamed Vontobel Asset Management, Inc.2003U.S. Equity Strategy reaches $1 billion2005Began U.S. mutual fund sub-advisory relationship with Virtus Investment Partners Inc.Far East Equity Strategy reaches $1 billion2006Emerging Markets Equity Strategy reaches $1 billionReached $1 billion in assets under management2009Vontobel Asset Management, Inc. exclusively focuses on institutional business, exiting from private wealth managementReached $1 billion in assets under management2010Reached $10 billion in assets under management2011Global Equity Strategy reaches $1 billion2012European Equity Strategy reaches $1 billion2013Began U.S. mutual fund advisory relationship with Advisors Investment Trust (AIT)2018Vontobel U.S. Equity Institutional Fund (VTUIX) inception (U.S. SEC-registered institutional mutual fund)


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