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Asset Management
Viewpoint | Read | 4 min

Emerging markets are an “active” investment universe

Frank Häusler believes that emerging markets can be a real playground for active investors. “Emerging markets are certainly an investment universe, but not one for a passive approach,” the Vontobel investment strategist said at an investment conference in Zurich. Whereas choices were restricted in the past, nowadays stock markets in emerging markets resemble those in the US.

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Sustainable Equities Boutique
Viewpoint | Read | 2 min

EU plans to classify gas and nuclear power as green won’t change investors’ views

The EU taxonomy seeks to define what is and is not “sustainable” to support the transition to a sustainable economy. However, news that the European Commission will class certain gas and nuclear power projects as sustainable within the EU taxonomy is politically driven, and out of line with many investors.

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