Fixed income

Find income with our actively managed strategies, run by our experienced fixed income teams.

Investors rely on bonds for repeatable income, predictability of returns and downside protection.

With over USD 128 trillion of bonds outstanding globally issued by governments, companies and other borrowers, what fixed income offers investors is flexibility. Long or short maturity, investment grade or high yield, developed or emerging markets, senior or subordinated – investors can calibrate any level of risk-return they require from bonds.

Get active

Your goals are best served by a manager who shares your responsibilities. The way we see it, active management provides a compass across the almost endless sea of fixed income choices.

We offer you a choice of risk-return profiles, each supported by a consistent investment philosophy and process. Investment profiles range from offering attractive yields with a focus on capital preservation for conservative investors, through to higher returns from dynamic research-driven strategies where price discipline can lift returns without sacrificing credit quality.

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An approach to suit your needs

Through our two specialist boutiques, we can provide you with a variety of actively managed fixed income strategies, each supported by a consistent investment philosophy and process. These investment profiles range from those targeting an attractive level of income with a focus on capital preservation, through to those targeting higher returns from more specialist assets and a dynamic, research-driven approach.

Fixed Income Boutique

The Fixed Income Boutique is an active manager aiming to capitalize on market trends and inefficiencies. Driven by a strong performance culture, this boutique was founded on the belief that small and flexible teams of specialists can protect and grow our clients’ assets. To this end we invest alongside our clients.

TwentyFour Asset Management

TwentyFour Asset Management is a specialist active fixed income manager with a strong reputation for performance, expertise and innovation. Offering Multi-Sector, Investment Grade, Asset-Backed Securities and Sustainable strategies, TwentyFour targets the best risk-adjusted returns from across the global bond markets.

What sets us apart



Active investing and stewardship of your investments requires high conviction. Conviction through research, discipline, and experience.



An investment philosophy is a compass that guides you towards your goal. Over the years, we have developed our investment philosophies to match a range of client needs.



We believe investment philosophies need to be executed consistently through the cycle to offer you a better understanding of what returns you should expect as the markets and rates move.


Stable Investment Environment

Vontobel is a well capitalized company in which the Vontobel family still holds a significant stake. Listed on the Swiss stock exchange, Vontobel has provided a solid foundation since its founding in 1924.