Meet Matthew


Matthew Benkendorf

Chief Investment Officer Quality Growth Boutique, Portfolio Manager

24 years investment experience

21 years with Vontobel

New York

Vontobel Asset Management Inc.

1540 Broadway, 38th Floor

New York, New York 10036

United States of America

Matthew Benkendorf has been Chief Investment Officer of Vontobel’s Quality Growth Boutique since March 2016 and was a co-architect of Vontobel’s quality growth philosophy and style. He joined Vontobel Asset Management in 1999 in trade support and was promoted to Trader in 2000. He became a Research Analyst in 2002 and moved into portfolio management in 2006 on the firm’s European Equity strategy. Since 2008, he has further developed his responsibilities and, in turn, became Portfolio Manager on the Global, US, International, and Emerging Markets Equity strategies. He has been instrumental in the development of the boutique’s investment approach across the Vontobel Quality Growth strategies.

Matthew Benkendorf received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Finance from the University of Denver in Colorado.

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