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Quality Growth Boutique
Market Update

Will US stimulus spending lead to greater inflation and higher interest rates?

With US President Biden’s $1.9 trillion Covid relief package, alongside the recently proposed $2.25 trillion in infrastructure projects, there is growing concern about the impact these programs could have on inflation and interest rates globally. In the investment world, we have been operating amid declining rates and low inflation for so long that few may realize the impact rising rates would have on investment returns.

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Sustainable Equities Boutique

Seven facts about climate change and pollution that investors should know

Unsettling reports from climate researchers and the scenario of an increasingly uninhabitable world have startled the public. Heat waves, hurricanes, unmatched wildfires and droughts are now more frequent. Polar ice melts and sea levels rise. Here you will find seven facts about the root causes and how impact investing can mitigate them.

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