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Sustainable Equities Boutique
Viewpoint | Read | 3 min

China – green shoots of market stabilization

The lockdown in Shanghai is sending shockwaves through markets while the Chinese government is trying to handle the health crisis without losing face. Still, things seem to have stabilized, and there are hopes that the leadership will crank up the economy. Markets would benefit, and so could stock pickers, according to our mtx equity experts.

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Market Update | Read | 5 min

Can the Fed correct course as recession risks loom?

As inflation is digging in its heels, employment markets are tightening up and economies are contracting around the globe, investors are faced with the uncomfortable truth that the Fed might be behind the curve. Now, much depends on whether the central bank is able to correct course to soften the landing for contracting economies or whether an overly hawkish turn will stifle growth causing recessionary tendencies to worsen.

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Sustainable Equities Boutique
Market Update | Read | 7 min

General Motors: Traditional car maker transforms into tech giant and equality pioneer

GM is steeped in tradition, but there’s nothing old-fashioned about its attitude to women. After all, in 2014 the firm became the first, and so far only, car maker in the world to be run by a woman. The company has transformed into a next-gen brand, and provides investors with access to the trending brands that appeal to millennials and Generation Z with their innovative product ranges and sustainable corporate values.

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