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Sustainable Equities Boutique
White Paper | Read | 12 min

Global impact equities report 2022: Solutions to sustainability challenges

Whether it’s potentially avoiding emissions of CO2, manufacturing affordable drugs, or providing liters of drinking water, the companies Vontobel Fund II - Global Impact Equities invest in have made real-world impacts on our planet and society. Every year, we assess how our holdings have helped provide solutions to sustainability challenges.

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Outlook | Read | 5 min

Global Listed Infrastructure – 2023 outlook

Global Listed Infrastructure are often considered a defensive “all-weather” asset class, as long-dated contracts provide predictable cash flows and inflation protection. In 2022 Global Listed Infrastructure outperformed the broader global equity and fixed income markets, driven by improving company fundamentals. In this outlook, we explain why we are optimistic that listed infrastructure companies can outperform in 2023.

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Sustainable Equities Boutique
Viewpoint | Read | 7 min

Meeting sustainability and investor goals by supporting biodiversity

Biodiversity loss often takes a backseat to climate change in global headlines but ignoring the preservation of natural ecosystems poses a threat to water, land, marine life, health, and can increase poverty. There is an urgent need for change. The upcoming COP 15 will address biodiversity solutions that will benefit companies, investors, and society.

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Sustainable Equities Boutique
Viewpoint | Read | 4 min

Embracing net zero targets the right way

With Egypt’s Sharm el-Sheikh being the venue of this year’s United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP), it’s worth remembering that developing economies bear most of the negative effects of emissions mainly produced in industrialized nations. Therefore, the onus is on western companies to go “net zero carbon”, but how to measure their progress? One common yardstick for investors is the carbon footprint method – or the more encompassing “potential avoided emissions” method propagated by Vontobel’s impact investing team.

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Sustainable Equities Boutique
Viewpoint | Read | 2 min

China: Market overreaction despite no negative surprises from National Party Congress

Price action on Monday has taken the implied equity risk premium to 10.7%, the highest since 2008. Foreign investors appear to have interpreted the composition of newly appointed Standing Committee in China as offering less likelihood of a change in policy direction on the government’s dynamic zero-Covid stance. However, the announced policies were in-line with expectations and there were no negative surprises.

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