Sharing our convictions

Clear convictions are a prerequisite for investment success. Our convictions are the result of our relentless in-depth analysis and calculations. We share our findings so that clients can invest with conviction too.

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Outlook | Read | 8 min

Vescore Global Market Outlook October 2023

The September Fed meeting was a surprise with its hawkish tilt which went hand in hand with upward GDP forecast revisions and lower recession risks. The question now is whether the Fed's willingness to keep rates 'higher for longer' is a calculated risk in combating inflation or a policy misstep. Our models estimate that a recession may not be immediate but cannot be ruled out, especially for H1 2024. In response, they continue to reduce their equity overweight as well as their bond underweight.

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Fixed Income Boutique
Viewpoint | Read | 5 min

The end sprint for 2023: five reasons why investment grade bonds could deliver the extra edge

Short-term government bonds have enjoyed heightened levels of attention this year, but what will give fixed income investors that extra performance boost as the finish line for 2023 draws closer? Our Fixed Income Boutique’s corporate bond team shares five reasons why switching to actively managed investment grade bond funds could deliver that extra edge.

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Vontobel Multi Asset Boutique
Outlook | Read | 3 min

Investors’ Outlook: Three bowls of porridge

In the continuing tale of recessions, the three scenarios of no landing, hard landing, and soft landing call for finding just the right temperature, much like Goldilocks finally discovering the third bowl of the three bears’ porridge, which was neither too hot nor too cold, but just right. Which one would be the best outcome for investors? Read more in the latest Investors’ Outlook.

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