ESG Investing

Vontobel creates new opportunities for investors.

As a global investment firm, Vontobel plays a responsible, active role in the sustainable transformation of our society and economy. We reflect this in our governance, investment philosophy and operational processes.

Many of our investment solutions focus on companies and industries that contribute to sustainable transformation and manage associated risks. In this way, Vontobel helps create new opportunities for investors.

Our ESG investment philosophy

Our ESG investment philosophy is the common ground of all our ESG and sustainable investment solutions and reflects our conviction about ESG. Our investment boutiques are highly specialized. Thus, the implementation of our ESG integration philosophy is tailored to our investment strategies.

360° perspective

We use multiple sources of information to build a holistic picture around investment opportunities.

Independent opinions

We conduct our own research and enrich standard ESG data sources to develop our own perspective.

Active Ownership

We believe that active ownership adds value through partnership and dialogue between investors, management and other stakeholders.


We monitor ESG risks and controversies on a continuous basis.


We strongly believe our messaging must match our investment process to provide an honest picture to our clients.

How our boutiques approach ESG

Each of our boutiques draws on specialist investment talent, a strong performance culture, and robust risk management. Each boutique has therefore developed an ESG approach, detailed below, which is relevant to their asset class, beliefs and style of investing.

Your ESG library


Sustainable investing and advisory policy

Learn more about our principles around sustainable investing. The policy explains more about how we integrate sustainability risks and how we consider principal adverse impacts in our investment processes.

Sustainable investing and advisory policy


Voting and engagement policies

Where authorized to do so, we actively exercise voting rights for strategies that consider ESG factors. Furthermore, we maintain an active dialog with companies in which we invest. Vontobel works with leading service providers to exercise voting rights and engage in stakeholder dialogue.

Voting policy statement
Engagement policy statement


Sustainability report

Our Vontobel Group Sustainability Report forms an integral part of Vontobel's Annual Report and contains detailed information about our sustainability commitments.

Sustainability report


ESG integration and stewardship report

Information about Vontobel Asset Management’s ESG processes, resources and governance can be found in our ESG Integration and Stewardship report.

ESG integration and stewardship report 2020
ESG integration and stewardship report 2021


Voting and engagement report

Vontobel’s voting and engagement reports disclose how we exercise our voting rights and engage with companies. We also provide examples of the ongoing dialogue with companies.

Voting and engagement report 2020 Voting and engagement report 2021 Voting records 2021


UN PRI Transparency Report

Through signature of the Principles for Responsible Investments, Vontobel has committed itself to gradual implementation of six principles for the broad integration of sustainability in investment processes. Our transparency report can be found under this link.

UN PRI Transparency Report


Key facts and history


1998Vontobel’s first sustainable investment solution: a multi asset pension fund2007Vontobel defined ten sustainability principles2008Vontobel became a member of the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)2009Vontobel became carbon neutral in its own operations2010Vontobel became a signatory of the Principles for Responsible Investments (PRI)2011Groupwide exclusion of controversial weapons2017Alignment with UN Global Compact Principles2019Sustainable Investing and Advisory Policy Voting and Engagement policies2021Vontobel became a signatory of the UK Stewardship Code

Diversity & inclusion

At Vontobel, we value the many voices within our teams. In all our business units, we strive to engage and promote talent of varying age and gender, with a diverse range of experience, from various cultural backgrounds.