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Vontobel Multi Asset Boutique
Outlook | Read | 3 min

Investors’ Outlook: Three bowls of porridge

In the continuing tale of recessions, the three scenarios of no landing, hard landing, and soft landing call for finding just the right temperature, much like Goldilocks finally discovering the third bowl of the three bears’ porridge, which was neither too hot nor too cold, but just right. Which one would be the best outcome for investors? Read more in the latest Investors’ Outlook.

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Vontobel Multi Asset Boutique
Outlook | Read | 2 min

Investors’ Outlook: Looking at the big picture

While the impact of tighter monetary policy has started to seep into the real economy and it’s clear it won’t leave it unscathed, adjusting the lens also shows us a positive side of the coin. Our Multi Asset Boutique balances the details and the big picture, along with the accentuating highlights painted by the brushstrokes out of China and emerging markets. Find out what they see.

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