As stewards of client capital for more than thirty years, our aim is to provide portfolios driven by pragmatic investment choices. 

Performance reflects the balance between real-world growth opportunities and risks to deliver on a client’s needs. Vontobel has three boutiques managing a wide range of equity strategies. All of our portfolios are built on consistent investment philosophies combined with deep research, disciplined process, and many years of experience. 

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Your goals are best served by a manager who shares your responsibilities. Our equity funds are actively managed with high-conviction investment philosophies. We manage two primary investment styles: bottom-up stock investing and quantitative. Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues are an integral part of our bottom-up investment approach where sustainable earnings growth drives performance. 

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An approach to suit your needs

Our investment strategies offer a selection of regional and industry trend focuses – ranging from unconstrained global and emerging markets, through to clean technology.


Our Quality Growth and Sustainable Equities boutiques maintain an unwavering focus on bottom-up fundamental research. A consistent feature of our boutiques is the philosophy that long-term performance is driven by sustainable earnings growth. Investing into the shares of leading global companies takes deep research and discipline to look through the market noise and invest into long-term structural demand opportunities. A strong focus on ESG is integral to the investment process across our funds.


The Vescore investment philosophy of timing investments by their factor behavior (momentum, quality, value, and volatility) is based on consistent market reactions to earnings confidence and valuation. Built on a deep academic foundation, the process actively manages factor-weighted portfolios through the cycle.

What sets us apart


Active investing and active stewardship of your investment requires high conviction. Conviction through research, discipline and experience.


An investment philosophy is a compass that guides you towards your goal. Over the years, we have developed our investment philosophies to deliver distinctive investment approaches.


We believe that relying on a consistent style enables us to fulfil our clients’ needs. A solid and repeatable investment process, based on a high-conviction philosophy provides predictability across market conditions.

Stable investment environment

Vontobel is a well capitalized company in which the Vontobel family still holds a controlling stake. Listed on the Swiss stock exchange, Vontobel has provided a solid foundation since its founding in 1924.

Sustainability within equity investing

Our equity teams have actively invested in sustainable assets since 2001, while continuously developing our ESG offering. Our teams integrate ESG factors into their investment decisions, tailoring them to the distinct investment philosophy and market segments they specialize in. As a signatory to the UN PRI since 2010, Vontobel is ranked A+ by the PRI.

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Quality Growth Boutique
Emerging Markets

4 Key Trends in Emerging Markets and Companies that May Benefit

Local know-how goes a long way in emerging markets (EM). Regional e-commerce and consumer companies are increasing market share by adapting to local preferences. Some quality companies are benefiting from this and other EM trends, such as expanding demographics in the online gaming market and rising barriers to entry in semiconductors.

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Sustainable Equities Boutique
Market Update
ESG & Sustainable Investing

Some like it hot – the true beneficiaries of global warming

Due to the EU's "Fit for 55" package, the energy requirements of the building sector for indoor climate control are increasingly becoming the focus of European sustainability efforts. Companies that can supply energy-efficient heating and cooling solutions for buildings will be able to benefit from this new push by the EU. The Swedish company NIBE is one of the pioneers in this field.

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Quality Growth Boutique

Why Investors Should be More Selective with Consumer Packaged Goods Stocks

Aided by social media and e-commerce, startup brands are increasingly taking share from legacy consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies. Meanwhile, retailers are launching far more sophisticated private-label brands. Which CPG companies are adapting to survive these threats? And do CPG stocks still play a role in portfolio construction?

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