Impact Investing

Adapt and thrive: what will the future bring?

How impact investing builds a better tomorrow

Humanity is at a crossroads. The pace of life is accelerating rapidly, with technological breakthroughs sending wave after wave of disruptive transformation around the globe. At the same time, the fragility of our planet and our social structures is becoming ever more obvious.

The alarm bells are ringing so loud, it’s deafening. We all urgently need to rethink where our world is headed and take bold, innovative action to change our collective trajectory.

In a fast-moving world, only those who adapt will thrive. Vontobel has a fiduciary duty to act in the best interests of our clients. And we have a long track record in and firm commitment to rigorously seeking out and sharing impact investment opportunities that will positively influence our world and our society. The focus is on empowering you to drive positive change.

To achieve your investment targets while aiming for tangible and measurable impact, even when the goalposts keep moving. Adapt and thrive. Whatever the future has in store.

The Vontobel 2023 Impact Investing Survey

Favored investment approaches, investor motivation, public and private markets, measuring impact, where the main opportunities and challenges lie.

These are some of the topics covered in the Vontobel 2023 Impact Investing Survey, in which we gathered the views of nearly 200 investors, both institutional and professional, from 21 countries throughout Europe, Asia Pacific, and North America.



Here's a glimpse of what investors are telling us:

“It was getting increasingly obvious that the world was just not functioning sustainably. Climate change, loss of biodiversity, depletion of natural resources, but also lack of equality and inclusiveness in society were problems that humanity couldn’t ignore any longer. Impact investing emerged out of a growing determination to change things. Our firm got in on the ground floor primarily because the Vontobel family itself was so decisively committed to positive change. And they realized that where there’s risk, there are also opportunities.”

Pascal Dudle

Head of Listed Impact, Senior Portfolio Manager

Meet Pascal

The three key things you need to know about impact investing

 It’s all based on the “double dividend” concept

The concept behind impact investing is simple: when capital is channeled into businesses that act towards a positive impact on the environment and/or society, investors could achieve not only attractive financial returns but also positive impact for our planet and/or society over the long-term. It’s what we call the “double dividend”.

 We walk the talk

How impactful is your investing in the real world? At Vontobel, we consider this imperative to know. In the almost fifteen years since we launched our first strategy targeting environmental challenges, we’ve been focused on continually improving and refining our measuring and reporting to provide you with a full and accurate picture of your investment and its potential impact for our planet and/or society.

 Future-proofing investments

Future-proofing investments is a strategic focus at Vontobel. Our impact investing approach embodies this. Seeking to tackle the most pressing environmental and social problems helps preserve a world worth investing in. Impact investing also offers a growing opportunity for investors. It’s a way to future-proof portfolios while investing for positive change.

The path towards positive change

Our impact investing seeks to generate long-term financial returns alongside a positive impact on the world. At the heart of this, we adhere to a disciplined investment process based on in-depth company analyses that take financial, impact, and sustainability criteria into account.

The choice is yours


Global Environmental Change


This strategy focuses on the environment by embracing six ecological impact pillars on its path towards positive change.

Choice one

Global Impact Equities


This strategy embraces four social and four ecological impact pillars, giving equal importance to the society and the environment on its path towards positive change.

Choice two

“To be clear: We would never buy a company purely because of its impact if we weren’t convinced from the financial perspective. And the same applies the other way round. We always try to take a holistic view, look at both sides of the coin, reflecting our aim to deliver on our "double dividend" concept."

Meet the team

Our portfolio managers are supported by a team of investment experts able to conduct financial as well as impact assessment and sustainability analyses. Being active asset managers, we rely on our own in-house fundamental research.