As the coronavirus pandemic creates economic uncertainties, our Portfolio Managers share their views on the situation to provide you with clarity.



Multi Asset Boutique
White Paper

Mastering future market uncertainty with modern multi-asset investing

COVID-19 has just rung in the next round of low yields prolonging the balancing act between risk and return for multi-asset investors. While traditional multi-asset strategies might struggle, their modern counterparts are highly adept at delivering on their promises of return generation and capital protection thanks to firm risk control, volatility targeting and unbiased decision-making.

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TwentyFour Asset Management
TwentyFour Blog

Central Bank Liquidity Will Dampen Default Cycle

The European high yield market has shown remarkable resilience in the face of what will likely go down as one of the sharpest and most severe recessions in history. The benchmark iTraxx Xover index (a widely used proxy for Euro HY credit risk) has tightened from an intraday high of 730bp in March to 342bp earlier this week, a retracement of almost 75% from the January lows of approximately 200bp.

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