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We serve investors in Switzerland from our offices in Zurich, St. Gallen, Bern, Geneva, and Lugano.

As an active multi-boutique asset manager with global reach, we are committed to providing attractive solutions and premium service for institutional investors and intermediaries.

Our independent investment boutiques stand out for their specialist equity, fixed-income, and multi-asset strategies. We invest with high conviction, supported by bottom-up research and robust risk management, aiming to deliver excellent performance for our clients.

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Vontobel Asset Management AG

Bahnhofplatz 10A

CH-3001 Berne


+41 58 283 22 11



Vontobel Asset Management S.A.

Rue du Rhône 31

CH-1204 Geneva


+41 58 283 25 00



Vontobel Asset Management AG

Via Ferruccio Pelli 1

CH-6900 Lugano


+41 58 283 23 11


St. Gallen

Vontobel Asset Management AG

Bohl 17

CH-9004 St. Gallen


+41 58 283 41 11



Vontobel Asset Management AG

Genferstrasse 27

CH-8022 Zurich


+41 58 283 71 50


From sustainable investment solutions, to environmental sustainability, through to serving communities: corporate responsibility has a long tradition at Vontobel. The company fulfills its corporate responsibility in every sense – an achievement for which it regularly wins awards.


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Sustainable Equities Boutique
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How to engage with Chinese companies – local language skills help

Discussing sustainability matters with Chinese companies is rewarding and challenging. Part of it is fact-finding, part of it is education. But investors need to tread with caution, and little extras such as talking Chinese help, says Hong Kong-based ESG analyst Gayle Chan. She also explains the approach of mtx Equities, citing a concrete example.

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Sustainable Equities Boutique
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What next for Asia tech? – Chinese internet shares may be bottoming out

In 2021, Asian internet stocks, dragged down by Chinese blue chips, massively underperformed their US peers. But the valuation chasm between Asia and the US has narrowed of late. With Chinese regulators easing their grip, the country’s internet stocks may be bottoming out, which could be an opportunity for able stock pickers.

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