Multi Asset Boutique Cautious Allocation

Vontobel Fund - Multi Asset Defensive


Fund strategy

Investment objective

This multi-asset fund aims to achieve steady capital growth, while respecting risk diversification.

Key features

The fund invests worldwide across multiple asset classes, predominantly in money market instruments and bonds. In addition, it has limited exposure to equities and alternative investments. The fund strives for an asymmetric risk/return profile so that the participation potential in favorable markets is higher than the loss potential in unfavorable markets. The fund also uses derivative financial instruments, primarily for hedging purposes.


The investment team of seasoned multi-asset specialists adheres to a rigorous process to identify the most promising opportunities within the investment universe. Convinced to reach the best results by pairing human skills with quantitative excellence, the analysts combine their qualitative research with cutting-edge technology. The team manages both asset allocation and individual positions in the fund actively to seize attractive new opportunities whenever they occur, while keeping the risks under permanent control.

Performance YTD
As at Aug 10 2020

All data is as at Jun 30 2020 unless otherwise indicated.

Daily Performance

Periodic Performance

I EUR 0.8% -1.9% -1.1%

Rolling Performance

Jul 01 2015 - Jun 30 2016 Jul 01 2016 - Jun 30 2017 Jul 01 2017 - Jun 30 2018 Jul 01 2018 - Jun 30 2019 Jul 01 2019 - Jun 30 2020
I EUR NA NA NA 0.6% -0.7%

Annual Performance

Risk Data

Volatility 4.5%
Sharpe ratio negative
Information ratio
[1 year]
Past performance is not a reliable indicator of current or future performance. Performance data does not take into account any commissions and costs charged when shares of the fund are issued and redeemed, if applicable. The return of the fund may go down as well as up due to changes in rates of exchange between currencies. The value of the money invested in the fund can increase or decrease and there is no guarantee that all or part of your invested capital can be redeemed.

All data is as at Aug 10 2020 unless otherwise indicated.

Fund data
Portfolio Manager Robert Borenich
Fund Domicile Luxembourg
Fund Currency EUR
Share Class Currency EUR
End of fiscal year 31 August
Share Class Launch date Nov 30 2017
Distribution type Accum
Fund Registrations AT, CH, DE, FR, GB, IT, LI, LU
Share Class Registrations AT, CH, DE, FR, GB, IT, LI, LU
Nav Information
Highest since launch 102.02
Lowest since launch 94.74
Fund volume in mln. EUR 265.13
Share class volume in mln. EUR 19.76
Fees And Expenses
Management fee 0.35%
TER 0.75% (Feb 28 2020)
ISIN LU1700372946
Valor 38856852
Bloomberg VONMADI LX
Depository RBC Investor Services Bank S.A.
Management Company Vontobel Asset Management S.A.
Swiss Paying Agent Bank Vontobel AG
Swiss Representative Vontobel Fonds Services AG

Available Share Classes

Share class Currency ISIN Distrib. Type Launch date Management fee TER TER Date
B EUR LU1700372789 Accum Retail Nov 30 2017 0.70% 1.14% Feb 28 2020
C EUR LU1737595923 Accum Retail May 31 2018 0.95% 1.39% Feb 28 2020
H (hedged) CHF LU1767066860 Accum Retail May 31 2018 0.70% 1.20% Feb 28 2020
H (hedged) USD LU1767066944 Accum Retail May 31 2018 0.70% 1.20% Feb 28 2020
HI (hedged) CHF LU1767067082 Accum Institutional Mar 15 2018 0.35% 0.81% Feb 28 2020
HI (hedged) USD LU1767067165 Accum Institutional May 31 2018 0.35% 0.81% Feb 28 2020
I EUR LU1700372946 Accum Institutional Nov 30 2017 0.35% 0.75% Feb 28 2020
N EUR LU1767067249 Accum Retail May 31 2018 0.35% 0.79% Feb 28 2020
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* TER includes performance fee where applicable

All data is as at Jun 30 2020 unless otherwise indicated.

Major Positions

Position Allocation
4.75% Federal Republic of Germany 2034 8.3%
BGF Euro Short Duration Bond I2 EUR 5.3%
Candriam Sustainable Euro Short Term Bonds I Cap 5.3%
Nordea 1 Low Duration European Covered Bond BI EUR 5.3%
VF EURO Money -I- Cap 5.2%
Metal Sec Etfs Swiss Gold 09/- 4.0%
0.5% Republic of Austria 2029 3.6%
Ishares Barcays Cap EURO Bond 3.4%
Ishares Plc - S&P 500t 3.4%
1% Republic of Italy Government International Bond 2022 3.2%
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Factsheets & Commentaries
Factsheet Jun 2020
KIID Jul 2020
Legal Documents
Articles of Association Apr 2016
Notification to Investors Jan 2020
Sales Prospectus Dec 2019
Financial Reports
Annual Report Aug 2019
Dividend Payout Jan 2019
Semi-Annual Report Feb 2020
Dealing Information
Holiday Calendar 2020 Jan 2020
List of Active Retail Share Classes Dec 2018
Sanctioned Countries Sep 2016
Shareclass Naming Convention Nov 2019
  • Limited participation in the potential of single securities

  • Success of single security analysis and active management cannot be guaranteed

  • It cannot be guaranteed that the investor will recover the capital invested

  • Derivatives entail risks relating to liquidity, leverage and credit fluctuations, illiquidity and volatility

  • Price fluctuations of investments due to market, industry and issuer linked changes are possible

  • Interest rates may vary, bonds suffer price declines on rising interest rates

  • Investments in foreign currencies are subject to currency fluctuations

  • Mid-yield bonds may be more speculative investments than bonds with a higher rating due to higher credit risk, higher price fluctuations, a higher risk of loss of capital deployed

  • High-yield bonds (non-investment-grade bonds/junk bonds) may be subject to greater market fluctuations, risk of default or loss of income and principal than higher-rated bonds

  • Commodity investments might be subject to considerable volatility and exposed to sudden fluctuations over a long period. Various commodity markets may also be suject to direct government intervention that might cause extreme price volatility of commodity investments

  • The structure of ABS/MBS and the pools backing them might be intransparent which exposes the subfund to additional credit and prepayment risks (extension or contraction risks) depending on which tranche of ABS/MBS is purchased by the subfund

  • Investments in alternative assets may suffer a total loss

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