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Vontobel Multi Asset Boutique
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Equities may brave war in Ukraine if global economy stays solid

The war in Ukraine, as troubling as it is, may yet prove a relatively minor event for equity markets, according to Frank Häusler, Vontobel’s Chief Investment Strategist. Historically, stock prices have recovered after every major international crisis since 1941, unless there was a global recession – and that isn’t currently his baseline scenario.

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Viewpoint | Read | 5 min

Energy, metal, and grain prices spike after Putin’s aggression

With Vladimir Putin’s designs on Ukraine now becoming apparent, western importers of Russian energy, grains, and metals are wondering what’s in store for them. To nobody’s surprise, commodity prices have risen to new record highs, contrasting the downturn on equity markets. Europe must prepare for another inflationary shock – and more human suffering.

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