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We are Vescore. A pioneer in scientifically sound investment solutions. Since 1998, our professional investment management has been built on proven findings of capital market research. By dynamically management of risk premiums, we create sustainable added value for our investors.

The source of our clients’ success is the development of science-based investment strategies, which are the result of continuous research. Our findings are reflected in innovative solutions that have proven their worth over many market cycles.

All our investment views can be transparently tracked and implemented in purely systematic or hybrid “man and machine” investment strategies. Risk management is an essential part of our investment process. Our investment solutions always strive for what is economically feasible and are implemented with the utmost precision.

To achieve the specific investment objectives of institutional investors, we use a modular investment platform. This allows us to robustly implement empirically validated investment processes, whilst taking individual investor preferences into account.

As a quantitative asset manager, our mission is to close the gap between active and passive management. By combining the strengths of both approaches, we aim to fully exploit their potential. The continuing change in the financial industry is an opportunity for us to drive our innovations forward.

26.1 bn 1998 3

Our history

2018 We launch our "Artificial Intelligence" multi-asset strategy. 2016 We join Vontobel Asset Management. 2012 We launch our first multi-risk premia fund. 2009 We launch our first fund based on the risk parity concept. 2002 We launch our first active-beta fund.

Why partner with us?

Strong track record

We have more than 20 years of experience in quantitative investing, and have delivered excellent returns.


We are active investors. Our quantitative investment processes provide an optimal allocation without behavioral bias.


We are a “white-box” investor. We communicate our decision making transparently.

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Can the Fed correct course as recession risks loom?

As inflation is digging in its heels, employment markets are tightening up and economies are contracting around the globe, investors are faced with the uncomfortable truth that the Fed might be behind the curve. Now, much depends on whether the central bank is able to correct course to soften the landing for contracting economies or whether an overly hawkish turn will stifle growth causing recessionary tendencies to worsen.

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