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Seeking to invest in leading businesses with high and growing profitability in emerging markets.

Introducing mtx Equities

Hear directly from Roger Merz, Head of mtx Portfolio Management, to learn about their specialized approach to investing, what we believe makes the team unique, and the investment solutions offered to meet client needs.



How we can help you

Our research leads us to believe that leaders tend to remain leaders, also in terms of share-price performance.

We focus on leading companies with high growth potential due to reinvestments made possible by high returns on invested capital (ROIC) and strong competitive positions. Market participants are often slow to acknowledge high ROICs, which we consider an important share price driver. This failure on the part of the market creates opportunities for high conviction, active stock pickers like us.

To be included in our portfolios, a company needs to be in the first quartile in terms of ROIC and industry position, trade at a discount to its intrinsic value, and fulfill our minimum ESG standards. These four factors form the cornerstones of our “matrix”, or mtx, approach.


As fundamental equity managers, we use a combination of systematic screens and fundamental analysis before making an investment decision. We use a proprietary ESG scoring model to investigate each company in depth and understand the risks associated with their business model.

Why partner with us?

Unique combination of systematic screens and fundamental research

We believe this ensures style-consistent investment results and potential outperformance through the market cycle.

Strong focus on valuation

The entry point can significantly determine the investment’s rate of return in the medium-term.

ESG helps improve risk management and enhance performance

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