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Vontobel Event “Fixed Income: Unfix your thinking.”


Interest rates for fixed-income investments remain low and are showing little sign of picking up.

This is forcing investors to be more creative when it comes to searching for relative value and protecting their portfolios against new and emerging risks.

Our “Fixed Income: Unfix your thinking.” event was held virtually on March 10, 2021. If you missed the live stream, you can watch a replay of the event below:


Presentation Christian Hantel: “Global Credit: How to approach the current market environment”


Presentation Wouter van Overfelt: “Low duration, high spreads and an inefficient market. Is EM Corporate credit truly an active investor’s paradise?”


Fixed Income Boutique

EM sovereign and corporate debt: what’s ahead after a tumultuous year?

After a volatile and unprecedented year in global markets, Head of Emerging Market Bonds Luc D’hooge and Head of Emerging Market Corporate Bonds Wouter Van Overfelt recently held a call for investors. We now provide you with access to recordings of both calls, where Luc and Wouter explain their investment approach and give you their outlook for emerging market sovereign and corporate debt.

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