Impact & Thematics

Investing in companies that benefit from structural global changes. Within impact investing, the aim is to generate a positive impact.

How we can help you

Our world is rapidly evolving, with themes like environmental change and digitalization driving changes in company and consumer behaviors, supported by innovative new solutions. By focusing on these trends, investors can add significant return opportunities to a portfolio and contribute to better social as well as environmental outcomes for the future. To that end, we offer a range of impact and thematic investments that align with our clients’ goals and convictions.

As investors, we are open to change and aware of our responsibility when allocating capital to companies. As active managers with a long-term horizon, we are constantly looking for companies that meet our standards in terms of sustainable, financially promising business models. New tools and research approaches help us to identify longstanding themes that will remain relevant for years to come, and pick the candidates we consider best suited for our portfolios.

Thematic investing

The goal of thematic investing is to take advantage of trends that cut across sectors and geographies. Thematic portfolios incorporate companies that are able to innovate effectively to make the most of societal trends. We believe such companies are drivers of long-term value and can effectively mitigate risk in a changing world.

Impact investing

Impact investing caters to clients wishing to achieve a positive effect through their investments alongside financial returns. We invest in companies improving our lives, minimizing our environmental footprint, as well as performing financially. Our aim is to construct equity portfolios with a sound mix of established names and disruptive newcomers that make measureable contributions to environmental and social objectives. We summarize these effects in regular and transparent reporting such as our flagship annual impact report, here.

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Why partner with us?

Future oriented

Companies offering solutions to long-term structural trends and challenges are likely to become the titans of the future economy.

Diversification benefit

Compared with narrower approaches, our multi-theme approach enables lower fund volatility.

Measurable impact

For our impact portfolios, we calculate impact factors such as potential CO2 reduction from use of each company's products and services.

Meet the team

A dedicated, international team of 13 portfolio managers, client portfolio managers, and analysts.


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