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A high-conviction and contrarian approach, combining bottom-up and relative-value strategies.

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The emerging market bond asset class tends to be driven by short-term news flow, which often takes precedence over fundamentals, resulting in irrational investor behavior. This creates mispricing scenarios which can be exploited by active investors who are able to take a contrarian view when markets behave whimsically.

At the heart of our investment philosophy we want to add value by capturing value and event-driven opportunities.


This observation applies to all three segments of the asset class, hard-currency debt, local-currency debt, and corporate bonds.

The implementation of our investment philosophy is tailored to the unique characteristics of each of these segments. In hard-currency debt, the focus is on value-driven inefficiencies. In corporate bonds, we see also plenty of event-driven opportunities we can capture. In local-currency debt, we apply a broader approach that mixes bottom-up elements with top-down considerations, such as governance and structural development of emerging market countries.

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Strong track record

Consistently superior risk-adjusted returns versus peer group.

Unique approach

Disciplined and repeatable investment process incorporating both contrarian and value approaches.

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Accomplished investment team led by highly experienced portfolio managers.

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Fixed Income Boutique

EM sovereign and corporate debt: what’s ahead after a tumultuous year?

After a volatile and unprecedented year in global markets, Head of Emerging Market Bonds Luc D’hooge and Head of Emerging Market Corporate Bonds Wouter Van Overfelt recently held a call for investors. We now provide you with access to recordings of both calls, where Luc and Wouter explain their investment approach and give you their outlook for emerging market sovereign and corporate debt.

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Fixed Income Boutique

Emerging market corporate bonds: a paradise, if actively managed

From an active manager’s point of view, risk premiums are currently very high in emerging markets and make their corporate bonds an attractive asset class in the stubborn low-rate environment. Wouter van Overfelt, portfolio manager of our Emerging Markets Corporate Bond portfolio, is ready to take advantage of the broad and promising opportunity set, applying a tried and tested investment strategy.

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