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Retail: Can Brick and Mortar Deliver for the Right Franchise?


Ramiz Chelat

Portfolio Manager, Senior Research Analyst

Meet Ramiz

In the age of digital disruption, it’s no surprise that physical stores have suffered, receiving terrible press over the past few years. But for those of us looking beyond the headlines, we have found that brick and mortar franchises continue to prosper so long as they can generate incremental growth from e-commerce and adapt to a changing landscape.

Access our latest Viewpoints paper, Retail: Can Brick and Mortar Deliver for the Right Franchise?, authored by Portfolio Manager Ramiz Chelat.

Ramiz draws on more than 15 years of researching and investing in the space, combined with the broader collective experience of the research team, to scan the globe and identify the successful use of traditional stores in select segments of the retail industry.

While the retail space is littered with names that have fallen by the wayside, we see great potential from physical stores for the right franchises as the market evolves. Meeting our criteria for investment is a tall order for a retail company, but a high threshold for quality is essential to help ensure attractive rates of sustainable growth. There are not many of these businesses across the planet, but there are some that we are excited about.

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