Quality Growth Boutique

Quality Growth Boutique Mid-year Review and Outlook


Ben Falcone

Head of Client Portfolio Manager Team Quality Growth Boutique

Even though global equity markets have posted double digit returns year to date, risks remain:

  • the U.S. economic expansion is among the longest on record
  • recession indicators are rising
  • the U.S.-China trade war continues 
  • global economic growth is slowing

As the investing landscape becomes increasingly difficult, we remain on high alert. In this mid-year review and outlook, Matthew Benkendorf, CIO and Ben Falcone, Head of the Client Portfolio Manager team, discuss the current dynamics in developed and emerging markets, where they are finding opportunities and how they are mitigating risks.

Our quality growth style can provide investors with a smoother ride over time. Investing in businesses with consistent and predictable earnings growth can help preserve and compound capital – in both good and bad times. As long-term, active investors, we don’t believe in racing the benchmark for short term results. Instead, we employ patience, a commitment to fundamental research and a bottom-up discipline to help our clients meet their goals.