Quality Growth Boutique

Quality Growth Boutique 4Q 2019 Outlook


Understanding Risks, Unearthing Opportunities

In our new audio series, Vontobel Quality Growth Portfolio Managers offer insights on how to navigate volatility. You can listen to our experts’ views on the risks in equity markets today and how they identify companies that are on the right side of long-term structural trends.

Global Equity

Ramiz Chelat discusses the China slowdown, the impact of the trade war, the industrials and health care sectors, and growth vs value investing.

Emerging Markets Equity

Jin Zhang provides insights on what to expect in India and China, trade redirections to Southeast Asia, and opportunities in Latin America.

International Equity

David Souccar talks about the limitations of monetary policy, equity market valuations, and how to think about emerging markets in light of macro risks.

US Equity

Matthew Benkendorf gives his view on the late stages of the cycle, the Fed, tail risks in China, regulation in US tech companies, and growth vs value investing.

European Equity

Donny Kranson explores Brexit, the German slowdown, the consumer staples, financials and industrials sectors, and how to achieve growth in a slowing Eurozone.

Asia Pacific Equity

Brian Bandsma addresses government regulation in China, the semiconductor industry, and the overall economic and fiscal health of the region.




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