Sustainable Equities Boutique

As stewards of client capital for more than thirty years, our aim is to provide portfolios driven by pragmatic investment choices.

How we can help you

We manage a wide range of emerging market and global strategies. All our portfolios are built on consistent investment philosophies combined with deep research, disciplined processes, and risk management.

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues are an integral part of our bottom-up investment approach where we believe sustainable earnings growth drives performance.

Why partner with us

High conviction

Active investing and active stewardship of your investment requires high conviction. Conviction through research, discipline and experience.

Investment compass

An investment philosophy is a compass that guides you towards your goal. Over the years, we have developed our investment philosophies to deliver distinctive investment approaches.

Style consistency

We believe that relying on consistent style enables us to fulfill our clients' needs. A solid and respectable investment process, based on a high-conviction philosophy provides a predictability across market conditions.

Stable investment environment

Vontobel is a well capitalized company in which the Vontobel family still holds a controlling stake. Listed on the Swiss stock exchange, Vontobel has provided a solid foundation since its founding in 1924.

“We try to take advantage of multiple opportunities in equity markets. Our in-house research enables us to pick companies that we believe have strong growth prospects, competitive positioning, management strength, and sustainability credentials.”

Christel Rendu de Lint, PhD Deputy Head of investments, Vontobel


Our offering

Our offering covers equity strategies targeting leading companies with high growth potential as well as strong competitive positions, and which integrate sustainability criteria in various degrees.

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Sustainable Equities Boutique
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Circular economy makes the wheels go round

The circular economy, popularized by expressions such as “zero waste”, “right to repair”, or “from farm to fork”, is rooted in the knowledge that resources are finite. Companies that manage to reduce their consumption of raw materials are likely to increase their profits and market share, which will ultimately benefit investors. Past examples of corporate successes based on the circular economy include the Italian Vespa scooter.

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Sustainable Equities Boutique
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How to engage with Chinese companies – local language skills help

Discussing sustainability matters with Chinese companies is rewarding and challenging. Part of it is fact-finding, part of it is education. But investors need to tread with caution, and little extras such as talking Chinese help, says Hong Kong-based ESG analyst Gayle Chan. She also explains the approach of mtx Equities, citing a concrete example.

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Sustainable Equities Boutique
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Joe Biden tips the scales in favor of carbon-neutral future

Lofty pledges of governments to “go green” often hit a snag in parliament. However, there are also success stories like that in the US, where lawmakers backed a proposal to cut carbon emissions by roughly 40%. The plan, just signed into law by Joe Biden, could boost domestic wind and solar companies, potentially also benefiting “impact investors”.

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