Quality or Nothing

We seek to invest in the best of the best of global equities

Quality Matters

Speculative markets over the past decade awakened the animal spirits of investors looking for easy ways to profit.

But as we move into a new regime, central banks are no longer supporting equity markets and fundamentals can no longer be ignored.


Matt Benkendorf, CIO of Vontobel’s Quality Growth Boutique, looks for companies with solid track records and strong brands.

But the most critical aspect of quality is earnings growth that is predictable and sustainable as far as 10 years into the future.


With durable earnings streams, quality companies can continue to grow through recessions while lesser companies see their stock performance decline.

As economic weakness starts to filter into earnings pressure on companies in 2023, quality companies can be a source of resilience for investors.


Only a narrow set of companies can surpass the majority.

Matt reveals the sectors and geographies where we think the next market-beating anomalies will be found in 2023.


We don’t expect the worst, but we are prepared for it.

By taking measured risk, our portfolios have low volatility of both earnings and performance over time.

We seek to provide defensive performance during bad times and attractive returns through good times.

Explore Quality

Our portfolio managers and research analysts share their insights on quality investing in the current market environment. They present their views on addressing challenges and seeking quality opportunities across sectors and across the globe, from China to the US.