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Will Emerging Markets See the Light?

White Paper
Emerging Markets

Ben Falcone

Head of Client Portfolio Manager Team Quality Growth Boutique

Like a lotus flower that rises through the mud to blossom each morning, we think emerging markets will see prosperous times ahead:

  • EM consumption growth, driven by a rising middle class, remains intact.
  • Many EMs today are more resilient to external shocks than in the past and can better withstand the pressures of a stronger US dollar.
  • Many EMs have been fairly conservative in their use of stimulus in response to Covid-19, which could lead to a lower financial burden over the long term.
  • The MSCI EM Index is currently trading at a 15-year low when compared with the MSCI World (Developed) Index.

Emerging markets can offer investors the opportunity to participate in an enduring growth story.


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Emerging Markets

ESG in emerging markets has room to mature

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