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Trading in China A-Shares

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In this Viewpoints paper, Gary Thompson, Head of Trading, explains how overseas investors can get exposure to Chinese A-shares and Chinese Depositary Receipts (CDR). We expect the recent inclusion of large-cap China A-shares in the MSCI All Country World Indices and their constituent indices (including MSCI Emerging Markets) will lead to a notable increase in the number of first-time foreign investors entering the A-share market.

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Beating Frustration in the Emerging Markets

Emerging markets can be frustrating for investors – epidemics, scandals, inflation, deficits, and natural disasters. There is huge potential and risk in the EM. Investors need to guard compounding from trouble with a focus on governance. The challenge is putting up with the volatility. But low volatility is not the same as low risk for long-term investors.

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