Act ESG: Your conviction needs an investment strategy

How ESG empowers investors to drive positive change.

The recent Covid-19 upheaval on the financial markets have once again made ESG hit the headlines worldwide. Being curious about the changes that will arise from the “new normal”, we have commissioned a survey that provides investors with an update on our widely received “Act ESG” study from the previous year.


What investors need to know to drive positive change

The ESG knowledge barometer 2020

Although investors follow sustainable principles in their daily lives, their awareness of sustainable investment opportunities is still limited.

This is why we take the initiative to speak with you about the challenges ahead, but also to show you how this historic transformation process is creating unique opportunities for investors. Discover now the characteristics of the persisting ESG knowledge gap and learn what investors need to know to play an active role in the sustainable transformation of our economy.

To provide investors with an even more comprehensive picture, we have expanded the scope of our current study to cover two further markets: Hong Kong and Singapore where the same knowledge gap has been revealed.

The ESG knowledge gap today is too wide…


of respondents do not know an ESG approach to saving and investment is even possible


would welcome greater support and advice on ESG from their advisers


would like their advisers to provide better information on ESG topics

…so for now, ESG remains a minority activity…


ESG approaches account for 30% of the wealth of those who have made allocations


have made savings and investments decisions according to ESG principles



have been offered an ESG opportunity by their adviser


…but more people than ever want an ESG approach…



believe that too few businesses take their wider responsibilities to society seriously



believe ethical businesses will deliver better investment returns


of a notional $100,000 portfolio is the amount respondents say they would invest according to ESG principles


… and they are looking to advisers for ESG support


of respondents say an adviser providing information on ESG opportunities would be a critical influence on their behavior


of respondents would be more likely to choose an adviser able to support their ESG ambitions


of respondents would switch out of savings and investments if their money was allocated to activities they disagree with


Source: Vontobel original research carried out in August 2020, based on a survey of 5,146 consumers in 16 markets in Europe, North America, South America, as well as in Singapore and Hong Kong.


What do you believe in?



Act ESG by Vontobel signals a discussion on sustainable investing. As ESG becomes mainstream, the number of options and approaches increases as well. This symbol will guide you on our websites and publications in order to identify ESG relevant content.


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