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Fixed income specialists

A Boutique of Vontobel Asset Management

TwentyFour Asset Management is a specialist fixed income firm based in London and New York, and an independent operating subsidiary of Vontobel. Since inception in 2008, we have built a strong reputation for performance, expertise and innovation in the bond markets.

Our robust investment process and highly transparent products aim to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns throughout the economic cycle, with a strong focus on capital preservation.


2008 London Fixed Income 20.2 bn

Focus on one asset class

We are fixed income specialists – it is the only asset class we invest in. All our resources and people strive to  deliver the best outcomes for our clients in our chosen sector.

Our portfolio management teams cover three distinct business areas – Strategic Income, Outcome Driven and Asset-Backed Securities – working closely together to leverage expertise from across the firm for each strategy. From the beginning we built our team of investment professionals to reflect the structure of today’s fixed income market. From structuring and ratings specialists to trading and investment banking, we have people who know the bond markets inside out.

Our nimble, capacity-constrained funds are focused only on those areas of fixed income where we believe we can extract most value for our clients.

Investment Philosophy

Bond markets require active management to find value. Given the sheer number of issuers, products and structural idiosyncrasies in the fixed income market, there are simply too many opportunities for extracting long-term value to leave your cash tracking an index.

Our portfolio managers dedicate themselves to ruthless bottom-up credit research, enabling them to combine high conviction relative value calls with macro-driven returns to target positive performance. Our investment team’s long and diverse experience helps to ensure a wide range of views, which we believe is essential for capturing returns and mitigating risks.

True active management

To us active management doesn’t simply mean stock-picking or ignoring indices – it means engaging with the market at every step of the investment process to try to maximize alpha for our investors.

TwentyFour portfolio managers execute their own trades, giving them critical knowledge of the market’s technical picture and makes them better positioned to maximize efficient execution. We insist on meeting the management of every credit we consider buying.

Communication and transparency

We pride ourselves on transparency and keeping investors fully informed, helping them better understand the risks as market conditions change.

We always tell our investors what we are doing, how we are doing it, and why. As active managers, we have the conviction to explain our decisions in terms our clients can understand, to help them better understand the risks and make their own investment decisions.

Our portfolio managers keep a busy schedule of face to face meetings, calls and webinars, and anyone can read our latest thoughts on the market in our popular blog.

Our people

Our people are the cornerstone of what makes TwentyFour unique and attracting and retaining the best people remains at the heart of what we do. Our team’s expertise spans a range of backgrounds and investment disciplines with the investment team having a blend of trading and asset management skills.

We believe our success is down to our strong team, who bring diverse experience and capabilities to help create what we believe to be the best opportunities for our clients. Our collaborative environment and team-based approach means we have a culture of knowledge sharing helping everyone to work towards a common goal.

Our Portfolio Managers

Day-to-day portfolio management is the responsibility of our portfolio management team, which is drawn from both trading and portfolio management backgrounds and has over 200 years combined relevant experience.

Mark Holman

Mark Holman

Chief Executive Officer TwentyFour Asset Management, Portfolio Manager

Our heritage

2018TwentyFour celebrates its 10 year anniversary Bn GBP14.02016Opening of the New York officeBn GBP7.82015Vontobel acquire a majority stake in the businessLaunch of our Outcome Driven business led by Chris BowieBn GBP5.52014Development of Observatory, our proprietary stock picking toolBn GBP4.02011Launch of our fixed income blogBn GBP1.02010Launch of our Strategic Income StrategyBn GBP1.02009Launch of our Investment Grade ABS StrategyBn GBP0.32008TwentyFour founded in London by seven original partnersBn GBP0.1


TwentyFour Asset Management

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