Meet Graeme


Graeme Anderson

Chairman TwentyFour Asset Management, Portfolio Manager

34 years investment experience


TwentyFour Asset Management LLP

8th Floor, The Monument Building, 11 Monument Street

EC3R 8AF London

United Kingdom

Graeme Anderson is one of the founding partners of TwentyFour Asset Management, and serves as the firm’s Executive Committee Chairman.

He is also Chairman of the Asset Allocation Committee, the firm’s ESG steering group and a member of the firm’s Risk and Compliance Committee.

Day-to-day, Graeme is a member of the firm’s Outcome Driven Strategy.

During his 33 years in fixed income markets, Graeme has held a variety of leadership roles in both asset management (Britannia Asset Management) and investment banking (Barclays Capital, Greenwich NatWest and Merrill Lynch).

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