Meet Felipe


Felipe Villarroel

Portfolio Manager

13 years investment experience


TwentyFour Asset Management LLP

8th Floor, The Monument Building, 11 Monument Street

EC3R 8AF London

United Kingdom

Felipe Villarroel joined TwentyFour Asset Management in 2011 and is a Portfolio Manager in the Multi-Sector Bond team. Felipe’s main responsibility is managing funds. He is also a member of the Investment Committee.

Prior to joining TwentyFour, Felipe worked as an Asset Allocation and Strategy Analyst at Celfin Capital in Chile, now part of the BTG Pactual group. There, Felipe took an active role in developing the team’s strategic view of the global macro economy and asset classes.

Felipe graduated from Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business Administration before obtaining a Master’s in Finance from the London Business School. Felipe is also a CFA charterholder.

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