Vontobel Multi Asset Boutique

Fundamental strategies to help protect and grow investors’ assets in their chosen markets.

How we can help you

The Vontobel Multi Asset Boutique offers discretionary solutions for institutional clients. An experienced team of economists and strategist supports our investment professionals with their asset allocation and security selection across a variety of asset classes including equities, bonds and alternatives. All investment decisions are based on sound fundamental analysis and take into account risk management as well as sustainability considerations.


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Why partner with us?

Strong track record

We have over 30 years of track record in multi asset investing, with results to match.

Performance culture

Our portfolio managers have a strong performance culture and actively seize investment opportunities within defined risk limits.

ESG integration

We integrate sustainability considerations into all our clients’ portfolios, heeding their needs and convictions.

"Our team’s objective is protecting and growing assets."

Dan Scott, Head of Vontobel Multi Asset

Dan Scott


Market Update | Read | 4 min

EU fragmentation risks loom large as central banks tighten amid patchy economic data

For a sustainable recovery central banks may have to switch out of tightening into easing mode. This is unlikely to happen as long as inflation rages on. In the meantime, equities might still be a better bet than spread products as liquidity and European fragmentation risks in debt markets loom, while currencies will become more important as alpha sources in portfolios.

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Vontobel Multi Asset Boutique
Outlook | Read | 2 min

Investors’ Outlook: “Tina” waved good-bye, but don’t slam the door on stocks

Surging inflation and tighter monetary policies have put paid to the “there is no alternative to stocks” mantra. For now, equity investors have waved “Tina” good-bye. However, after this year’s sell-off, some market segments are looking appealing again. So do enjoy the summer but don’t completely forget the “buy” key on your laptop.

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