Our Multi-Sector team aim to provide an attractive level of income and an opportunity for capital growth throughout the economic cycle.

TwentyFour’s Multi-Sector team aim to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns throughout the cycle and in doing so engage in an actively managed, high conviction, unconstrained approach. This allows the portfolio managers to target fixed income opportunities across the global universe of bonds, and dynamically adjust asset allocations to suit evolving economic conditions.

We manage strategies independent of any market indices and with a strong focus on relative value, looking to provide investors with an attractive level of income alongside opportunities for capital growth.

What are Multi-Sector bonds?

There are estimated to be some $51 trillion of fixed income bonds outstanding worldwide, comprising multiple geographies, currencies, sectors and types of security.

Multi-Sector funds should be able to control risk and harness reward through both ‘top-down’ macro calls and ‘bottom-up’ stock selection.

At TwentyFour, we believe the biggest advantage of a Multi-Sector strategy for our clients is the outsourcing of these ‘big picture’ decisions to the portfolio managers, who can shift positioning quickly in response to continually evolving macro and market views.

Why invest?

  • Target attractive returns through steady income and capital gain opportunities
  • Strategies are predominantly long-only and simple to understand, with sparing use of hedging tools in response to specific macro events
  • A strong focus on the unwritten rule of fixed income – capital preservation at all times
  • Unconstrained approach to investing allows managers to tactically shift portfolio weightings, helping them to target relative value opportunities as economic and market conditions change
  • Added value through both ‘bottom-up’ stock selection as well as ‘top-down’ macro calls –which we believe is increasingly important as we progress through a new cycle after the economic shock of COVID-19

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