Thematic investing

Adapt and thrive

Invest in trends that will shape the world of tomorrow

The world of today is changing rapidly. Dynamic trends like digitalization and e-commerce, the threats of global warming and rising pollution, resource scarcity and social imbalances cause new industries to emerge and grow while others suffer. At the same time, interest rates are still close to record lows compared to the levels previously considered normal. This provides investors with some unique challenges, but also with exciting investment opportunities.

“We are defining investment themes to navigate through a world of transformation.”

Dan Scott

Dan Scott
Head of Impact & Thematics

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This study, surveying 300 professional investors in Europe, explains who is shaping the thematic investing landscape and what are the possible future challenges and opportunities.

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How can investors take advantage and make an impact?


Thematic investing

A thematic investment approach  aims to identify powerful transformational trends, tomorrow’s market leaders in those areas as well as the businesses best prepared to profit from these structural changes.

Thematic investing has been in favor with investors in recent years. This growth in demand may further accelerate in 2021. In a study conducted by Vontobel, more than half of the professional investors surveyed believe the pandemic has strengthened the case for a thematic approach, and 49% plan to increase their exposure to thematic investments. 

Impact investing

With an impact investment approach, investors focus  on businesses that aim to solve social and environmental problems and thus make a measurable, positive impact in these areas. This way, they seek a twofold dividend for their portfolios: attractive returns, while driving positive change for people and our planet.

Anticipating  and taking advantage of such shifts as well as identifying their future structural winners is the main objective of our impact investing strategies.

Why partner with us? You share our beliefs:

  • It’s possible to have a positive impact on society while earning attractive returns
  • Transformation is an opportunity to invest in themes and companies that will help to overcome humanity’s greatest challenges
  • A research-driven, active approach is necessary to identify the winners

Our offering

Our  impact & thematic equity portfolios reflect global trends and challenges like climate change, resource shortage, or urbanization. As well as being active, high-conviction investors, we are also impact investors. We measure the impact of our investment decisions – for instance, our portfolios deliver a significant impact in terms of potentially avoided emissions.


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