Sustainable investing

What do you believe in?

What does it mean?

Commonly referred to as ESG investing, it is a growing theme that focuses on operational risks and management choices that can impact the sustainability of a company’s long-term potential.  Sustainability reaches beyond the Environmental (E), Social (S), and Governance (G) pillars of the acronym.  We see the ultimate goal as balancing the long-term interests of stakeholders around a business.  Stakeholders include; shareholders, employees, customers, local societies in which the company operates, and risks to the environment stemming from the activities of the business.

There is no "one size fits all"

We believe there is no “one size fits all” ESG approach for investors. There are simply too many investor objectives, investment styles, and asset classes. As an active asset manager, we look to thoughtfully implement ESG factors into our investment process to best fit the needs of our clients and the long-term value of the holdings within the portfolios. We are convinced this approach can help lead to better results than standardized products, such as passive ESG exchange traded funds (ETFs).

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Sustainable Investing

Active approach meets ESG challenges head-on

Should investors looking for “sustainable stocks” go active or passive? Some market participants suggest the latter, proclaiming exchange-traded funds (ETFs) to be the future drivers of growth in sustainability investing. The problem with these passive, index-based vehicles is that they too often fail to distinguish between companies with the best ESG credentials and those that are just scraping by. Therefore, we believe an active approach is warranted.

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