Investing in companies that benefit from fundamental global changes.

How we can help you

Our thematic equity portfolios reflect global trends and challenges like climate change, resource shortage, or urbanization.

We invest in innovative companies that present solutions to such challenges through their products and services. These companies have the potential to improve our lives, and are likely to benefit from a strong growth in demand.

As well as being active, high conviction investors, we are also impact investors.

We measure the impact of our investment decisions – for instance, our portfolios deliver a significant impact in terms of potentially avoided emissions.

As an example, avoided CO2 emissions helps us to steer investments to innovative technologies, such as LED lightning.

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Why partner with us?

Future oriented

Companies offering clean technologies are likely to become the titans of the future economy.

Diversification benefit

Compared with narrower approaches, our multi-theme approach enables lower fund volatility.

Measurable impact

We do not measure against peers but calculate the relative CO2 reduction contribution of a company's efficient products and services.

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