Meet Juerg


Juerg Bretscher

Senior Portfolio Manager

30 years investment experience

21 years with Vontobel


Vontobel Asset Management AG

Genferstrasse 27

CH-8022 Zurich


Juerg Bretscher joined Vontobel Asset Management in 2000. He is Senior Portfolio Manager for Swiss Franc bond funds and mandates.

In 1998, Juerg Bretscher joined Allianz Asset Management AG, where he managed various Swiss Franc fixed income mandates. Prior to this, he worked at Bank von Ernst & Cie in the Capital Markets Department, where in 1988 he assumed responsibility for Trading and Sales for Swiss Franc bonds in that department. Juerg Bretscher worked at Credit Suisse until 1985 where he completed a commercial apprenticeship.

Juerg Bretscher is Federal Certified Bank Expert and owns a Federal Diploma in Finance and Investments (AZEK).

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