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TwentyFour Asset Management
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Securitisation Written Out of UKAR Success

Last week UK Asset Resolution (UKAR) announced the sale of its final mortgage loan portfolios, bringing to a close a decade long chapter of state ownership. UKAR was set up in 2010 as a ‘bad bank’ primarily charged with housing mortgage loan portfolios from failed lenders Northern Rock and Bradford & Bingley following the global financial crisis. UKAR had assets of £94.7bn at the outset, and has now repaid in full the £48.7bn we understand was borrowed from taxpayers. It is therefore a significant milestone to come full circle from years of scathing headlines in the popular press to the full return of these assets to private hands.

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Quality Growth Boutique
Market Update

What’s justified and what’s not in the hype over US technology stocks

While COVID has been a key source of disruption across multiple facets of our lives, the virus-induced effects have served a useful purpose by accelerating some important business trends that were already underway. We can all agree data proliferation and the continued digitization of the world certainly are not slowing. What's less clear is which companies will benefit.

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Quality Growth Boutique

A Prudent Approach to Navigating Equity Markets in China

Chinese equities can offer an exciting and dynamic opportunity, but investors must navigate a complex regulatory environment and quickly changing competitive dynamics. Our research team sheds light on the outlook for e-commerce giant Alibaba, how to approach the A-shares universe and pressing issues investors face in China today.

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