Multi Asset Boutique

Vontobel Asset Management offers investors access to various sources of returns in its newly created Multi Asset Boutique


Investors are looking for all sorts of returns both from efficient and inefficient market segments, based on a combination of systematic and fundamental approaches.

To fulfill investors' demand, Vontobel Asset Management combines its Multi Asset Class and Vescore expertise in a CHF 40 bn Multi Asset Boutique which offers now different investment options.

Systematic solutions will continue to be offered under the Vescore brand, while more fundamental solutions will be offered under the Vontobel Asset Management brand. Investors can now choose between systematic, fundamental or combined strategies based on a state of the art risk management setup. The combined teams will be led by Daniel Seiler, who currently leads Vescore. Daniel Seiler will also take over the leadership responsibilities of Christophe Bernard, who has decided to leave Vontobel after transfer of responsibilities is complete.

"Markets change all the time, so investors and we must adapt continuously. By combining skill-based and systematic expertise in one platform, Vontobel can access a wider range of alpha sources," says Daniel Seiler, Head of Multi Asset Boutique.

Daniel Seiler joined Vescore as Chief Investment Officer in 2009. Prior to this, he ran the hedge fund platform of Swiss Capital Investment AG. He holds a PhD and a Master’s degree in Financial and Capital Markets Theory from the University of St. Gallen as well as a Master’s degree in Environmental Sciences from ETH Zurich.


Vontobel Asset Management
Vontobel Asset Management is an active asset manager with global reach and a multi-boutique approach. Each of our boutiques draws on specialized investment talent, a strong performance culture and robust risk management. We deliver leading-edge solutions for both institutional and private clients. Our commitment to active management empowers us to invest on the basis of our convictions. We deliver value through our diverse and highly specialized teams. Employing around 400 professionals worldwide – including 160 investment specialists – we operate across 13 locations including Switzerland, Europe and the US and create strategies and solutions covering equities, fixed income, multi-asset and alternative investments. The goal of achieving excellent and repeatable performance has been fundamental to our approach since 1988. A strong and stable shareholder structure guarantees our entrepreneurial independence and protects the long-term mindset that guides our decision-making.

Legal information
This document is for information purposes only and does not constitute an offer of any kind. The services described in the document are supplied under the agreement signed with the service recipient. The nature, scope and prices of services and products may vary from one country to another and may change without notice at any time. Certain services and products are not available worldwide or from all companies of Vontobel. In addition, they may be subject to legal restrictions in certain countries.


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