Multi Asset Boutique

Providing systematic and fundamental strategies to protect and grow investors’ assets in their chosen markets.

How we can help you

Markets are neither perfectly efficient nor completely inefficient. Our institutional and intermediary clients face the decision whether to use a discretionary or systematic approach varying by asset class. Vontobel’s Multi Asset boutique combines the best of both worlds to help clients meet and exceed their absolute and benchmark targets.

Active management creates value only when profits exceed costs. Such opportunities exist, but differ across time and in different segments of global financial markets.

We constantly screen for such opportunities and combine active alpha strategies with systematic risk premium strategies in order to outperform.


Risk management is an integral part of our investment process. We pursue what is economically feasible with the highest precision, and our decisions are transparent, based on verifiable economic theory.


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Why partner with us?

Strong track record

We have 30 years of experience in multi asset investing, and have delivered excellent returns.


We are active investors. Our quantitative or fundamental investment processes provide an optimal allocation.


We are a "white-box" investor. We communicate our decision making transparently.

"Our team’s objective is protecting and growing assets."

Dr. Daniel Seiler, Head of Multi Asset Boutique


Investors seek returns in markets that vary in efficiency, so Vontobel Multi Asset’s approach adapts to optimize return possibilities.

Our flagship products

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Vontobel Fund II - Vescore Active Beta

Multi Asset Boutique Flexible Allocation

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Share class Currency ISIN Valor NAV YTD As at
AI EUR LU1617166936 36870126 1699.09 -7.10% Aug 04 2020
B EUR LU1936094579 45838253 105.26 -7.37% Aug 04 2020
H (hedged) CHF LU1936094736 45838269 104.44 -7.60% Aug 04 2020
HI (hedged) CHF LU1936094819 45837876 105.24 -7.33% Aug 04 2020
N EUR LU1936095030 45838268 106.08 -7.13% Aug 04 2020
Vontobel Fund II - Vescore Global Risk Diversification

Multi Asset Boutique Flexible Allocation

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Share class Currency ISIN Valor NAV YTD As at
A EUR LU0466441234 10738722 146.33 -7.49% Aug 04 2020
AH (hedged) CHF LU0466441317 10738724 138.33 -7.69% Aug 04 2020
B EUR LU0466440772 10738669 163.99 -7.34% Aug 04 2020
H (hedged) CHF LU0466440855 10738718 150.86 -7.56% Aug 04 2020
H (hedged) USD LU0466441077 10738719 148.15 -6.34% Aug 04 2020
HN (hedged) CHF LU1767067322 40236264 105.85 -7.42% Aug 04 2020
I EUR LU0466441580 10738726 140.19 -7.17% Aug 04 2020
IX EUR LU0466442398 10738751 156.96 -7.04% Aug 04 2020
IXH (hedged) USD LU0466442638 10738754 154.64 -6.06% Aug 04 2020
IXH (hedged) CHF LU0466442554 10738752 160.90 -7.28% Aug 04 2020
IXL EUR LU0716975338 14429312 128.90 -7.02% Aug 04 2020
IXXL EUR LU0888108056 20653785 122.42 -6.66% Aug 04 2020
N EUR LU1683490095 38288750 102.02 -7.19% Aug 04 2020
SH (hedged) CHF LU1144477228 26163512 124.69 -6.25% Aug 04 2020
Vontobel Fund - Multi Asset Income

Moderate Allocation

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Share class Currency ISIN Valor NAV YTD As at
A EUR LU1687388899 38348031 75.47 -14.05% Aug 04 2020
B EUR LU1687388972 38348032 81.57 -14.06% Aug 04 2020
H (hedged) USD LU1687389350 38348036 89.01 -13.14% Aug 04 2020
H (hedged) CHF LU1687389277 38348035 78.89 -14.18% Aug 04 2020
HI (hedged) CHF LU2118212641 52516003 92.73 - Aug 04 2020
I EUR LU1515106984 34540089 99.18 -13.72% Aug 04 2020
N EUR LU1734078824 39472020 91.35 -13.74% Aug 04 2020

Our Heritage

For over three decades, our Multi Asset Boutique has been innovating and growing consistently.

2016Acquisition of Vescore by Vontobel Asset Management2013Boutique AuM surpasses 25 billion Swiss francs2008Launch of risk-parity funds by Vescore2004Boutique AuM surpasses 10 billion Swiss francs2000Boutique AuM surpasses 5 billion Swiss francs1998Foundation Vescore1994Partnership with Raiffeisen Switzerland1988First institutional Global Balanced Switzerland mandates


Multi Asset Boutique
Market Update

Despite collapse in US oil, positive long term upside still intact

In a historic move, US oil prices entered negative territory due to a lack of demand and storage capacities. In the short term, relief is not in sight despite OPEC production cuts. However, the current collapse in prices will accelerate the unwinding of oversupply supporting longer dated oil that is already positioned for recovery in 2021.

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Multi Asset Boutique

Animal spirits will drive full market rebound from COVID-19 crash

COVID-19 has been wreaking havoc on global markets and investors have been dumping risky assets en masse leading to the fastest bear market of all time. The most pressing question for investors is now: when should you re-commit to the market? The answer is simple: once the virus has been contained and Keynesian animal spirits revive and start driving price action.

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Multi Asset Boutique
Market Update

Virus beats retreat in China, infects more people elsewhere

The first-time visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping to virus-hit Wuhan raises hopes that the outbreak is now mostly under control in Covid-19’s country of origin. Yet elsewhere, the respiratory disease has started to hamper everyday life and the economy. Should we see signs of a turning point, we might reverse our recent risk-off stance.

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