Multi Asset Boutique

Providing systematic and fundamental strategies to protect and grow investors’ assets in their chosen markets.

How we can help you

Markets are neither perfectly efficient nor completely inefficient. Our institutional and intermediary clients face the decision whether to use a discretionary or systematic approach varying by asset class. Vontobel’s Multi Asset boutique combines the best of both worlds to help clients meet and exceed their absolute and benchmark targets.

Active management creates value only when profits exceed costs. Such opportunities exist, but differ across time and in different segments of global financial markets.

We constantly screen for such opportunities and combine active alpha strategies with systematic risk premium strategies in order to outperform.


Risk management is an integral part of our investment process. We pursue what is economically feasible with the highest precision, and our decisions are transparent, based on verifiable economic theory.


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Why partner with us?

Strong track record

We have 30 years of experience in multi asset investing, and have delivered excellent returns.


We are active investors. Our quantitative or fundamental investment processes provide an optimal allocation.


We are a "white-box" investor. We communicate our decision making transparently.

"Our team’s objective is protecting and growing assets."

Dan Scott, Head of Vontobel Multi Asset

Dan Scott

Investors seek returns in markets that vary in efficiency, so Vontobel Multi Asset’s approach adapts to optimize return possibilities.

Our Heritage

For over three decades, our Multi Asset Boutique has been innovating and growing consistently.

2016 Acquisition of Vescore by Vontobel Asset Management 2013 Boutique AuM surpasses 25 billion Swiss francs 2008 Launch of risk-parity funds by Vescore 2004 Boutique AuM surpasses 10 billion Swiss francs 2000 Boutique AuM surpasses 5 billion Swiss francs 1998 Foundation Vescore 1994 Partnership with Raiffeisen Switzerland 1988 First institutional Global Balanced Switzerland mandates


Vontobel Multi Asset Boutique
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