Quantitative, model-based investment for long-term performance with roots in innovative financial market research.

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Established in 1998 at the University of St. Gallen, Vescore's solutions and products are based on proprietary quantitative investment strategies. The team is a pioneer in the management of risk premia.

  • Risk premia are the most sustainable sources of return, as proven by financial market research.
  • Since risk premia vary over time, active management of risk premia is necessary to add value.
  • Decisions are based on economic theory and are implemented quantitatively.
  • Risk management is an integral part of our investment process. We aim for the best economically feasible solution and implement it with the highest level of precision.
  • We only invest in liquid instruments so we can adjust portfolios as needed.




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Why partner with us?

Strong track record

We have more than 20 years of experience in quantitative investing, and have delivered excellent returns.


We are active investors. Our quantitative investment processes provide an optimal allocation without behavioral bias.


We are a “white-box” investor. We communicate our decision making transparently.

Meet the team


Multi Asset Boutique
White Paper | Read | 1 min

Mastering future market uncertainty with modern multi-asset investing

COVID-19 has just rung in the next round of low yields prolonging the balancing act between risk and return for multi-asset investors. While traditional multi-asset strategies might struggle, their modern counterparts are highly adept at delivering on their promises of return generation and capital protection thanks to firm risk control, volatility targeting and unbiased decision-making.

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Index Information
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CYD Diversified Commodity Index EN DE
CYD Diversified ex-AL Commodity Index EN DE
CYD Diversified long-short Index EN DE
CYD MarketNeutral Plus Index EN EN
CYD MarketNeutral Plus 5 Index EN EN
Vescore Switzerland Accounting Based Index DE   EN   FR   IT DE
Vescore Switzerland Cap Weighted Index DE   EN   FR   IT DE
Vescore Switzerland Equal Weighted Index DE   EN   FR   IT DE
Vescore Switzerland Minimum Volatility Index DE   EN   FR   IT DE
Vescore Switzerland Momentum Index DE   EN   FR   IT DE
Vescore Switzerland Quality Index DE   EN   FR   IT DE
Vescore Switzerland Risk Parity Index DE   EN   FR   IT DE
Vescore Switzerland Value Index DE   EN   FR   IT DE

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