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Strategies that combine systematic and fundamental aspects to optimize potential.

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Whenever markets are inefficient, investors need responsiveness as well as specialist knowledge to capture opportunities.

Portfolio managers rely on both bottom-up and top-down assessments to determine allocations.

Investments can be directly into equities, bonds, funds and derivatives. Investors incorporating ESG criteria in their investment strategy can fulfil their requirements with a broad range of ESG approaches.

We are transparent and our investment decisions are verifiable.


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Why partner with us?

Strong track record

We have nearly 30 years of experience in multi asset investing, and have delivered competitive returns.

ESG pioneer

We are an ESG pioneer offering different approaches enabling investors to choose an approach which matches their preferences.


We focus on your needs, providing solutions for retail investors, institutional investors, and strategic partners.

Our Global Balanced Solutions offering

Global Balanced Solutions provides Swiss institutional investors with tailor-made, multi asset segregated mandates and individual fund solutions. We are dedicated to our investors and have a deep understanding of their needs.

We actively invest and optimize return potential in markets that vary in efficiency. Strategies target outperformance versus an agreed benchmark. Managers combine systematic and fundamental aspects, following a well-structured and repeatable investment process. All mandates include minimum ESG criteria.

In addition, we respect client-specific exclusions as well as offering positive screening approaches, leveraging the extensive knowledge of our in-house ESG capabilities.

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Our solutions

Our Global Balanced Solutions offering centers on CHF Balanced which aims for a strategic equity exposure of 30–45% while also investing in bonds, funds and derivatives.

The strategy targets outperformance versus a client-chosen balanced benchmark or strategic asset allocation. It was launched in 1990.

Our Global Fund Solutions offering

Global Fund Solutions provides institutional and retail investors as well as Vontobel Asset Management partners strategies that combine systematic and fundamental aspects to optimize their return potential. These include targeting stable income over time as well as consistent outperformance versus a benchmark.

Our Global Fund Solutions team has the portfolio management experience, asset class expertise, and strategic background to deliver solutions that fulfil your requirements.


Meet the team