Sharing our convictions

Clear convictions are a prerequisite for investment success. Our convictions are the result of our relentless in-depth analysis and calculations. We share our findings so that clients can invest with conviction too.

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COVID-19 Emerging Markets Sustainable Investing

Beating Frustration in the Emerging Markets

Emerging markets can be frustrating for investors – epidemics, scandals, inflation, deficits, and natural disasters. There is huge potential and risk in the EM. Investors need to guard compounding from trouble with a focus on governance. The challenge is putting up with the volatility. But low volatility is not the same as low risk for long-term investors.

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TwentyFour Asset Management
TwentyFour Blog

Santander Shows Leadership in UK RMBS

We engage with Santander as a debt issuer across many jurisdictions and various fixed income products, and we have had mixed views on the bank’s behaviour in recent years following a controversial approach to a 2018 AT1 refinancing and the exercise of an early call in a Spanish ABS deal in 2019. On both these occasions, we felt bondholders were treated poorly and this was reflected in our ESG analysis of the issuer.

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Multi Asset Boutique

Animal spirits will drive full market rebound from COVID-19 crash

COVID-19 has been wreaking havoc on global markets and investors have been dumping risky assets en masse leading to the fastest bear market of all time. The most pressing question for investors is now: when should you re-commit to the market? The answer is simple: once the virus has been contained and Keynesian animal spirits revive and start driving price action.

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