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The Virtual Investors Roundtable 2021 provided valuable insights

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Will the markets recover in 2021? When will we get back to normal? What effect will the vaccines have on economic performance? The Virtual Investors Roundtable 2021 was all about the “year after”.

This year's Investors Roundtable took place on a virtual stage. We would like to thank all the participants who, despite the special circumstances, joined us in such large numbers. If you missed the Virtual Investors Roundtable 2021, you can watch the livestreams in Italian or French in the following videos:

In German

In French

In Italian

Presentation (EN)


The upside of last year’s exhausting ups and downs is that interesting investment opportunities lie ahead of us. You can seize them through a selection of investment solutions from our offering across asset classes, be it our mutual funds or customizable structured products.

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