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Positioning Quality Growth as a Core Building Block


After a tumultuous 2020, what will the new economic cycle hold for emerging market equities? What is the current pulse of the market and where do our specialists see the greatest alpha opportunities in this asset class?

In this event covering the Vontobel’s Emerging Markets Equity strategy Matthew Benkendorf, CIO of our Quality Growth Boutique & Portfolio Manager, along with Douglas Bennett, Client Portfolio Manager discussed the current positioning in the portfolio and highlighted the drivers of future performance.


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Quality Growth Boutique
Market Update

A change in administration in the US typically has little impact on long-term market returns

The market craves stability and transparency. As an efficient auction mechanism, it relies on visibility to price stocks and economic activity. Typically, the market—and people in general—do not like change, but this time, as we stand at the precipice of a tremendous change, what we are seeing is actually a potential return to real stability, normality and transparency.

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