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Hunting for credit yield during the 2021 recovery… and the mid-December mid-yield advent calendar

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The festive season is a sweet time of year and perhaps, like some of us in the Corporate Credit team, you have already devoured all the chocolates from your advent calendar. Although we can’t turn this article in to extra chocolate for you, we have created a corporate bond advent calendar for the remaining days until Christmas.

For each of the next ten days, you can open a window that reveals to you why we believe that 2021 will prove to be the sweet spot for corporate credit and you can see all the team members too… and just like a chocolate advent calendar, you can open them all in one go, if you like.


Congratulations, you have opened each calendar window and we hope you found the graphics enlightening. While the advent calendar is now finished, this was in fact just a precursor, because in 2021 the Corporate Credit team will bring you a new forward-looking bond-related article every month.

Thank you for your interest in our articles in 2020, and from all of us in the Corporate Credit team we wish you a happy holiday season.