Global & Swiss Bonds

An active, yet risk-aware approach within the broadest investment universe.

How we can help you

The global fixed-income markets are diverse and behave differently depending on the market cycle.

The market prices do not reflect fundamentals at all times and offer relative-value opportunities. We focus on value generation in rates, credits and countries in a currency-neutral approach.

Our approach allocates capital according to risk budgets and avoids the most risky segments of the markets to achieve stable and consistent returns.


Our diversified global and Swiss strategies cover government, corporate, emerging market, and convertible bonds. When building portfolios, we focus on the dynamic management of interest rate, credit (focus on ratings between AAA and BBB) and country risks.

We deliver an approach based on proprietary analysis models and a team-oriented investment process.

Why partner with us?


Active approach with a strong risk/reward focus.

Strong platform

Unique boutique setup with credit and emerging market specialists in direct reach.


A team of portfolio managers who all have over two decades of investment experience.

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