Corporate Bonds

Credit-selection driven approach aiming to find value, anticipate trends, and capture rising stars within corporate bond markets.

How we can help you

The credit market is slow to react to new trends and therefore presents investment opportunities across industries, structures and issuers. Bond prices are often driven by short-term considerations, rather than by long-term fundamentals.

We have a flexible approach to capture and preserve value for investors over time. We aim to identify and select industries and corporate bonds where the spread premium more than compensates for the credit risks taken.

Our investment-grade approach focuses on the “mid-yield” range to maximize investment-grade returns. With high-yield bonds, we invest with conviction in high-quality business models, based on longer-term secular and industry trends, cash flow resiliency, and capital structure sustainability.


Why partner with us?

Alpha from selection and allocation

Concentrating on high-conviction bond picks enhanced by active segment allocation depending on risk environment.

Flexible approach

Focus on an expanded and flexible mid-yield investment universe to maximize investment grade returns.

Able bond pickers

Accomplished investment team led by highly experienced portfolio managers with strong track records.

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Market Update | Read | 3 min

Earnings Season: Company outlooks will be of special interest this time

Investors commenced 2022 with concerns over high inflation in the US and in Europe and supply chain issues, as well as expectations for interest rate hikes from the Fed; the war in Ukraine escalated negative sentiment in the market. Despite widespread macroeconomic uncertainty, the upcoming reporting season for US corporates will bring clarity about the impact on margins, earnings and cash flows.

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