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In an increasingly divided world, many of us are looking for safe ground. Government bonds used to mean safety, delivering rock-solid if slightly underwhelming returns. This has changed, so investors  are now looking for income elsewhere, which requires them to unfix their thinking and get away from the boundaries of traditional approaches.

Bonds, one of the most diverse asset classes there is, remain as attractive as ever for investors willing to take an active look.

While the search for income can entail risks, there are many attractive areas of the market. We can help you discover the right segments for you.

“Currently, 30% of all bond yields are now negative, but one way to unfix your thinking is to realize that with 70% of bonds offering positive returns, the cup is in fact over two-thirds full and many of these bonds can deliver an attractive income.”

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Our experts answer nine income-related questions from professional investors across the globe.

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“Income currently can only come from risk assets as risk-free markets are likely to remain return-free, which is why we are convinced global spread contraction will be the main fixed income theme in 2021.”
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Searching for income?

In order to benefit from hidden sources of income you need to unfix your thinking and open your mind to the opportunities that active management provides. Our paper maps the fixed income markets to identify the optimal segments to deliver income.

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Vontobel Fixed Income Virtual Debate 2021

Vontobel Fixed Income Virtual Debate 2021

Join our Virtual Roundtable for a journey through the bond market landscape in 2021.

Our speakers Simon Lue-Fong (Head of Fixed Income Boutique) and Mark Holman, (CEO TwentyFour Asset Management, Portfolio Manager), offer you their views on global credit markets and detail the strategy they believe fixed income investors should consider for 2021.


Our offering

Our products are available in a variety of fund and mandate wrappers for institutional and wholesale investors globally.


All-in-one income solutions



Is fairly priced yield in a sub-zero world important to you? This fund aims to provide an attractive level of income and an opportunity for capital growth, throughout the economic cycle. The fund is managed independently of any indices and unconstrained by geography, sector and rating.

TwentyFour Strategic Income Fund

Investment Grade

Are you looking to achieve returns whilst keeping volatility under control? These funds aim to achieve a positive absolute return over a period of three years by keeping a modest level of volatility, while respecting risk diversification.

TwentyFour Absolute Return Credit

TwentyFour Sustainable Short Term Bond Income


Solutions providing exposure from defined segments of the market


Corporate Bonds

Are you looking for attractive returns from corporate credit, without venturing too far up the risk spectrum? These funds aim to select industries and corporate bonds from the “mid-yield” segment, where the spread premium more than compensates for the credit risks taken.

EUR Corporate Bond Mid Yield

Global Corporate Bond Mid Yield

Emerging markets

Are you looking invest in emerging markets? Our managers exploit irrational investor behavior driven by short-term news to identify price discrepancies and then invest with conviction.

Emerging Markets Corporate Bond

Emerging Markets Debt

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Active, high conviction investors

We focus our efforts on areas where our active, high conviction approach can add value. Bottom-up research from teams with diverse backgrounds ensures we deeply understand every bond that we buy.


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All our resources and people strive to deliver the best outcomes for our clients. As investors in the funds they manage, our portfolio managers’ interests are in line with yours.


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Vontobel Event “A journey through the bond market landscape in 2021”

Over the las few months, the economic cycle has accelerated more rapidly than ever before, to reach mid-cycle within a matter of months. Investors have had to “unfix their thinking” to cope with these rapid changes and rapidly shift their portfolios as the economic situation has developed, and will need to do so again - repeatedly - as further changes emerge as global recovery continues through 2021.

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