Minds that thrive in sub-zero conditions

Fixed income 2020


How to warm up your portfolio


A solution that provides you the value in fixed income


Strategic Income

Is fairly priced yield in a sub-zero world important to you? This portfolio is managed independently of any indices and unconstrained by geography, sector, or rating. This fund aims to provide an attractive level of income and an opportunity for capital growth, throughout the economic cycle.

TwentyFour Strategic Income Fund


Solutions providing you with performance from defined pockets of value


Corporate Bonds

Are you seeking a hot spot in credit with solutions that have a flexible approach to capture and preserve value over time? These funds aim to select industries and corporate bonds where the spread premium more than compensates for the credit risks taken. They focus on the “mid-yield” range to maximize returns.

EUR Corporate Bond Mid Yield

Global Corporate Bond Mid Yield

Emerging markets

Can emerging markets help warm your portfolios? These solutions follow an investment philosophy that aims to generate performance by capturing value and event-driven opportunities in emerging market hard-currency debt from corporate and government issuers. They apply an active, bottom-up, and contrarian approach.

Emerging Markets Corporate Bond

Emerging Markets Debt