Emerging Markets Digital Event Series

Emerging Markets:
Move when others hesitate

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September 9th – October 28th 2020

Emerging Markets Digital Event Series

Emerging markets are widely considered to be the global economy’s growth engine. Yet, many investors only allocate a tiny proportion of their portfolios to emerging markets. What is holding them back – just a natural home bias?

If not, what shapes investors’ concerns about elevated risk? In our 2020’s Digital Event Series, our speakers will address investors’ worries and discuss approaches to cope with emerging markets’ volatility and macroeconomic challenges.

Key note speech by Lord Jim O’Neill, PhD, on "Global challenges in emerging markets"

British economist and former Commercial Secretary to the Treasury, known for inventing the term "BRICs", will share his pragmatic, long-term vision of emerging markets.


Agenda 2020

Gain first-hand, in-depth insights on the top topics from our new study “Fortune favors the bold”. Understand how investors around the world are seeking additional returns in emerging markets – and which approaches might help you move when others hesitate.

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Key findings from the new Vontobel study: “Fortune favors the bold” & Global Challenges in Emerging Markets


Key findings from the new Vontobel study: "Fortune favors the bold"

Powered by structural drivers such as demographic factors, emerging markets can offer more growth than developed markets in the years ahead. In our latest research, surveying 300 institutional investors and discretionary wealth managers globally, we investigate why investors fear the complexity that comes with growing emerging markets allocations. In his introduction, Axel Schwarzer outlines the big picture of how additional returns in emerging markets could be secured for investors.


Axel Schwarzer

Head of Vontobel Asset Management, Member of the Group Executive Board

Key note speech: "Global Challenges in Emerging Markets"

Public debt in emerging markets and the future of globalization itself are just two of the challenges brought to the global economy by COVID-19. In his key note speech, Jim O’Neill furthermore asks: What impact has Trump’s leadership as we approach the US presidential election, and witness rising tensions with China and Europe? Will global threats like climate change and inequality require a fresh approach to business and investment? And what can the rest of the world learn from China’s economic approach to COVID-19 recovery?


The Future of Quality Investing in Emerging Markets

Wednesday, 28 October 2020 at 14:00 CET for 30 minutes (13:00 GMT | 21:00 HKT | 09:00 EDT)


Matthew will walk us through how the emerging markets investment opportunity set has been changing throughout history and explain how quality emerging markets businesses can be identified in order to help deliver a better investment proposition to clients versus what is available in the Index.